Thursday, May 9, 2024

Pop Idle - another winner from Team Philpott!

Pop Idle

Over the last few years the genial genius of Derek Philpott has been bemusing pop stars and amusing pop fans with a series of books in which confusion is feigned and explanations are requested for clarification of some of the most memorable hits - and forgotten classics - of the seventies, eighties and beyond.

Now the maverick mastermind behind the endlessly entertaining epistles, Dave Dawson, has slipped off his Derek disguise and stepped out from behind the wizard's curtain with a memoir detailing some of his exploits during a thirty-year career as a professional musician. For over three decades, Dave has crissed and crossed the country, performing in a variety of venues and encountering a cast of thousands, on a schedule that makes Bob Dylan's Never Ending Tour seem like a walk in the park.

Pop Idle is every bit as delightful as the Derek Philpott books - a wry and affectionate look at life on the road, seen through the eyes of one of the many performers who play for thousands of people every year, without ever making the front cover of Smash Hits. It's probably the best account of an aspiring pop star's life - and the best handbook for anybody barmy enough to follow a similar career path - since Giles Smith's classic, Lost In Music.

Get your copy of Pop Idle here or here [US edition]!

And, in case you missed them, the Philpott books are still available: Dear Mr. Kershaw [US edition here], Dear Mr Pop Star [US edition here], Grammar Free In The UK [US edition here] and Dear Catherine Wheel [US edition here].

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