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September 29 - October 12, 1983

Smash Hits, September 29, 1983

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Cover: Culture Club
Centrespread: Modern Romance
Interviews: Toyah; Howard Jones; Freeez; Culture Club; Dennis Greaves
Lyrics: There's Something Wrong In Paradise - Kid Creole & The Coconuts; Love In Itself 2 - Depeche Mode; This Is Not A Love Song - PiL; Rebel Run - Toyah; Love Will Find A Way - David Grant; New Song - Howard Jones; Pop Goes My Love - Freeez; This Is The Way - Bruce Foxton; They Don't Know - Tracey Ullman; Thriller - Michael Jackson; Tahiti - David Essex; Go Deh Yaka (Go To The Top) - Monyaka; London Town - Bucks Fizz; Hell Raiser - The Sweet; Tears On The Telephone - Hot Chocolate
Start: personal file - Rick Parfitt; Sting, "The Police", Lynn Goldsmith, Will Powers; David Bowie, Madame Tussaud's; John Travolta, Janice Long, "Stayin' Alive"; King Kurt, "Destination Zulu Land", Dave Edmunds; Tracie's Soul Squad: Kenn Regan, Kevin Miller, Steve Sidelnyk
Bitz: Steven Jansen, Ippu-Do, Masami Tsuchiya, Richard Barbieri, David Sylvian, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ronnie Drayton, Jon Hassell, Holger Czukay, "Expressions"; Bow Wow Wow split; Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, "Say Say Say", The Belle Stars, "The Entertainer", Jimmy The Hoover, "Kill Me Kwik", Shakin' Stevens, Shalamar, "Over And Over", Duran Duran, "Union Of The Snake"; "His Masters Voice", Wally Burke, Steve X. Hippy; Simple Minds; Kid Creole; PiL, John Lydon, "Live In Tokyo", "Order Of Death"; Malcolm McLaren, "Duck For The Oyster"; Marilyn signs to Phonogram, "Cry And Be Free"; Jamming fanzine: Elvis Costello, The Truth, The Bunnymen, Bruce Foxton, Carmel; Starzone, Bowie fanzine; Limahl, "Only For Love", Dee Harris; Kate Garner, "Love Me Like A Rocket"; Tom Brown, "Rockin' Radio", Maurice Starr, Michael Jonzun; Ultravox, "Monument; all time top ten - Martin Ware; Street Sounds, "Electro", Newcleus, G-Force, Weststreet Mob; Boy George; Helen Terry, Kashif, Nike Rodgers; Rik Mayall, Jools Holland; Gary Numan; Shalamar split?; Men At Work split?; Mick Jones not joining Spear Of Destiny; Steve Norman; Paul Humphries on a diet; Pete Wylie; Michael Jackson, Sting, Ralph Richardson; "Thriller" video, Vincent Price, Richard Franklin, Culture Club; Gladys Knight; Alice Cooper; Jimmy The Hoover, "Tantalise"; Dead Or Alive attack Nick Heyward with fire extinguishers; JoBoxers; Eddie & Sunshine, "There's Someone Following Me"; Rick Wakeman, "The Cost Of Living", "She" soundtrack, "Triumph Of Death"; Adam Ant, "Puss In Boots"; "The Tube", Leslie Ash; Ryan Paris, Fabio Roscioli, "Dolce Vita", "Once Upon A Time In America", Sergio Leone, Signore, Giombini; Passion Puppets, "Voices"; Amazulu; Great: Dave Mortimer, George Michael, "Golden Soul", Steve Brown; Vice Squad's new singer: Lia
Single reviews (Lenny Henry): Love In Itself 2 - Depeche Mode; This Is The Way - Bruce Foxton; Love On A Farmboy's Wages - XTC; Thriller - Michael Jackson; Rebel Run - Toyah; Keep It Confidential - Nona Hendryx; One Minute Every Hour - JB's Allstars; Stone Heart (Stone Woman) - I-Level; Autodrive - Herbie Hancock; Recognition - Europeans; Love Will Find A Way - David Grant; Nightline - Randy Crawford; They Don't Know - Tracey Ullman; Kill Me Kwick - Jimmy The Hoover; Wild Style Theme Rap - Grand Master Kaz & Chris Stein; London Town - Bucks Fizz; Pop Goes My Love - Freeez; Working With Fire And Steel - China Crisis; I Need You - F.R. David; This Affair / Sky Again - The Maisonettes; This Is Not A Love Song - PiL
Album reviews (Lisa Anthony / Peter Martin / Tim De Lisle / Fred Dellar / Peter Martin / Dave Rimmer): Like Gangbusters - JoBoxers; Bent Out Of Shape - Rainbow; Warriors - Gary Numan; Born To Love - Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack; Land - The Comsat Angels; Blow Your Own Horn - Herb Alpert; Born Again - Black Sabbath; Madonna - Madonna; Work For Love - Ministry
Nights Out: Futurama Festival, Leeds: Real Foo Foo, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, John Cooper Clarke, Comsat Angels, Richard Jobson, John McGeoch, Bay City Rollers, Les McKeown
Other: What's Going On In Your Record Shop?

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September 15 - 28, 1983

Smash Hits, September 15, 1983

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Cover: Roman Holliday
Centrespread: David Bowie
Back cover: Culture Club
Interviews: Roman Holliday; The Special AKA; Def Leppard; Kajagoogoo; Hanoi Rocks
Lyrics: Soul Inside - Soft Cell; Let Them All Talk - Elvis Costello; If You Could See Me Now - Shakatak; Motor Mania - Roman Holliday; Ol' Rag Blues - Status Quo; Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles; Racist Friend - The Special AKA; Tonight I Celebrate My Love - Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack; Dear Prudence - Siouxsie & the Banshees; Modern Love - David Bowie; Blue Hat For A Blue Day - Nick Heyward; Big Apple - Kajagoogoo; Secret Messages - ELO; Dolce Vita - Ryan Paris; Change Of Heart - Altered Images
Start: personal file - Stuart Adamson; Boy George, Marilyn, "When Cameras Go Crazy", Kasper de Graaf, Malcolm Garrett; Jeffrey Daniel, Zingari, "Everybody's Waiting", Joyce, Tish, Sue Wan, Gary Hutchings, David Morris; Capital Radio's Junior Best Disco in Town: Kelly Temple, Mike Brown, Gary Crowley, Andy Polaris (Animal Nightlife), Phil Fearon, Graham Jones, Chico, Nick Beggs, Wham!, Pepsi, Modern Romance
Bitz: Madness; The Clash: Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon sack Mick Jones; World David Bowie Convention; Duran Duran world tour; Fun Boy Three split, Terry Hall; Rock Around The Clock; Japan: Steve Jansen, Richard Barbieri form group; Marc Almond; Aztec Camera sign to Warners, Scritti Politti sign to Virgin; Rolling Stones sign with CBS; Limahl, Ed Bicknell, Dire Straits; John McEnroe, Vitus Gerulaitis; The Police: Falklands gig cancelled; Madness, "It Must Be Love"; Siouxsie evicted; Special AKA; George Michael, Jerry Wexler, Wham! sued by Wham; Bucks Fizz, "London Town"; Special AKA, Jerry Dammers, "Racist Friend" / "Bright Lights"; Cable Music: Mike Read, Nicky Horn, Tommy Vance, Pat Sharp, Curlyman; Echo & The Bunnymen play the Royal Shakespeare, "The Killing Moon", "Silver"; new TV music programmes: "Eight Days A Week", "Rock School", "Showbusiness", "Play At Home"; Haywoode, "A Time Like This"; The Jam, "Snap!"; "Ziggy Live"; Toyah, "Rebel Run", "Love Is The Law", "The Ebony Tower; Escape magazine; PiL, John Lydon; "This Is Not A Love Song"; all time top ten - Gerry Darby, Carmel McCourt, Jimmy Paris;
Single reviews (David Hepworth): The One Thing - INXS; Motor Mania - Roman Holliday; Promises Promises - Naked Eyes; Ol' Rag Blues - Status Quo; Superstar - Lydia Murdock; Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence - Ryuichi Sakamoto; Let Them All Talk - Elvis Costello & the Attractions; On A Journey - The Peech Boys; Telefone - Sheena Easton; Someone Belonging To Someone - The Bee Gees; Maybe This Day - Kissing The Pink; Soul Inside - Soft Cell; Boogie Down - Al Jarreau; Tell Me Why - Barb; This Is The Day - The The; Runaway - Freur; Dear Prudence - Siouxsie and the Banshees; (You Said) You'd Gimme Some More - K.C. And The Sunshine Band
Album reviews (Peter Martin / Dave Rimmer / Neil Tennant / Claire Sheaff / Johnny Black / Ian Birch / Lisa Anthony): Blue Sunshine - The Glove; Doppelganger - Kid Creole & The Coconuts; Mike's Murder - Joe Jackson; Hard - Gang Of 4; Mummer - XTC; Labour Of Love - UB40; The Fireman's Curse - Hunters & Collectors; Jammin' - The Gap Band V
Nights Out: Kid Creole & the Coconuts
Other: Where Is Everyone?

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Carnaby Echoes

Smash Hits magazine was run from 52-55 Carnaby Street in the 1980s....

[Video interview with Mark Ellen, chatting about the Smash Hits offices on Carnaby Street]

Sunday, September 8, 2013

R.I.P. Linda Duff

As you may know, Linda Duff, who wrote the Get Smart column, died last week. If Smash Hits was the internet before there was an internet, Linda was its most powerful search engine.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

(This page is from next week's magazine)

Smash Hits, September 15, 1983 - p.37

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September 1 - 14, 1983

Smash Hits, September 1, 1983

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Cover: Heaven 17
Centrespread: Madness
Back cover: The Lotus Eaters
Interviews: Cliff Richard; Robert Plant; Big Country; The Police at Shea Stadium
Lyrics: Warriors - Gary Numan; Like An Animal - The Glove; Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry - Heaven 17; Never Say Die (Give A Little Bit More) - Cliff Richard; For Ever And A Day - Classix Nouveaux; Karma Chameleon - Culture Club; The Great Dominions - Teardrop Explodes; Dance It Up - Matt Fretton; Dr Heckell & Mr Jive - Men At Work; Confusion - New Order; Rock Of Ages - Def Leppard; Mama - Genesis; Chance - Big Country; Come Back And Stay - Paul Young; Riders On The Storm - Annabel Lamb; (She's) Sexy and 17 - Stray Cats
Start: personal file - Shirley (Wham!); Gary Numan, Tina Clamp; Frank Bruno, JoBoxers; break dancing, Wildstyle!, Rock Steady Crew, Grandmaster Flash
Bitz: Marc Almond - "I no longer wish to sing"; TDK Battle Of The Bands; A Flock Of Seagulls, "(It's Not Me) Talking", Bill Nelson, Robert Palmer; "Duran Duran Scrapbook"; Monyaku, "Go Deh Yaka"; The The, "This Is The Day"; A Craze, Mark Chester, Respond Package Tour, Tracie And Her Soul Squad, Vaughn Toulouse And The Main-T Posse, The Questions; Siouxsie And The Banshees, Royal Albert Hall; Level 42; "War Games", "Computer War"; Planet Patrol, "Cheap Thrills", New Order, "Confusion", Freeez, "IOU", Arthur Baker, John Robie, John "Jellybean" Benitez, Irene Cara, "Flashdance", Europeans, "Flashdance", Hot Streak, "Body Talk"; The Kinks, "Come Dancing", Ray Davies, Chrissie Hynde; Air Studios, George Martin; Freur, "Riders In The Night" Booker Newbury III, "Teddy Bear"; "Come With Club" - Kool & The Gang, Central Line, Tania Maria; The Beatles, Jimmy Page, The Velvet Underground, AC/DC, "The Jam: A Beat Concerto", Paolo Hewitt, "Kid Creole: Indiscreet", Vivien Goldman, "Rockspeak", Tom Hibbert, "Essential Guide To Rock Records", Barry Lazell, Fred Dellar; Belle Stars, "The Entertainer", Anne Dudley; Gary Numan, Tik & Tok; Duran Duran, "Union Of The Snake", Alex Sadkin, Ian Little; The Saturday Show, Isla St. Clair, Tommy Boyd; Captain Sensible buys "How To Play Synthesizer"; Paul Simon marries Carrie Fisher; David Jay, The Sinister Ducks; Steve Fairnie, The Technos, hypnotizing chickens; Twisted Sister; Wham!; The Style Council; The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards; Mark Ellen; all time top ten - Harry Casey
Single reviews (Tom Hibbert): Chance - Big Country; Straight From The Heart - Bonnie Tyler; Runnin' - Junior; Karma Chameleon - Culture Club; You're Lookin' Hot Tonight - Barry Manilow; If You Could See Me Now - Shakatak; Come Back And Stay - Paul Young; Rock Of Ages - Def Leppard / Street Of Dreams - Rainbow; Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry - HEaven 17; Warriors - Gary Numan; Your Dress - John Foxx; (It's Not Me) Talking - A Flock Of Seagulls; Rum And Coca-Cola - Julio Iglesias; Dr Heckyll & Mr Jive - Men At Work; Secret Messages - Electric Light Orchestra; Never Say Die (Give A Little Bit More) - Cliff Richard; Diamonds - The Shadows; Confusion - New Order
Album reviews (Peter Martin / Jo-Anne Smith / Johnny Black / Ian Birch / Mark Steels / Neil Tennant): Construction Time Again - Depeche Mode; Standing In The Light - Level 42; Rant And Rave With The Stray Cats - Stray Cats; Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence - Ryuichi Sakamoto; Alpha - Asia; Duet Emmo - Or So It Seems; Flick Of The Switch - AC/DC; From Gardens Where We Feel Secure - Virginia Astley; Candy Girl - New Edition
Other: A Day At The Racecourse: Perfect Crime, Steel Pulse, Big Country, Eurythmics, Simple Minds; pop star self portraits