Friday, June 18, 2021

Like Punctuation Never Happened - Grammar Free In The UK!

Like Punctuation Never Happened!

Some people used lockdown to perfect their banana bread recipes. Others stayed indoors and learned a new language. Instruments were picked up for the first time in years and sheds that had only existed in dreams became reality.

The good people of Team Philpott did what they do best. They wrote letters. The comic geniuses behind Dear Mr. Kershaw and Dear Mr. Pop Star took up their pens and fired off more of their inquisitive missives to the great and the good of the British punk scene.

AAnd, bless their pogoing, safety-pin-through-the-nose hearts, the likes of Max Splodge, Vice Squad, Gang Of Four, Sham 69 and many many more responded, patiently solving all the problems that Derek and co. have encountered whilst misunderstanding the lyrics of punk classics. All their correspondence has been collected and published in Grammar Free In The UK, with proceeds going to punk-related charities.

This collision between pensioners and punks [some of whom qualify for bus passes themselves these days] makes for a joyful, hilarious collaboration, offering plenty of laughs in these most serious of times.

Get your copy of Grammar Free In The UK here!

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