Friday, July 17, 2015

July 17 - 30, 1985

Smash Hits, July 17, 1985

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  1. Hi, Brian

    Great blog. So many memories. Funny that the issue you stopped reading was probably the most memorable one of the 80s. My wife and I still have a battered copy of this edition on the shelves in our living room. I read Smash Hits (roughly) 1983 to 1987, at which point it became clear to me it was being aimed not only at those younger than me (mainly Jason & Kylie fans) but at a female audience, which is where it went in the 90s. Such a shame as I think it was so good at appealing to both sexes up to that point, which is a rare old thing to achieve. But great blog, Brian, and great memories...

    Robert Hagan