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April 14 - 27, 1983

Smash Hits, April 14, 1983

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Cover: Thompson Twins
Centrespread: Big Country
Back cover: JoBoxers
Interviews: Thompson Twins; Robert Palmer; Twisted Sister; Jonathan King; The Belle Stars;
Lyrics: Telegraph - OMD; Rosanna - Toto; Muck It Out - Farmer's Boys; True - Spanda Ballet; You Are In My System - Robert Palmer; Snot Rap - Kenny Everett; I'm Never Giving Up - Sweet Dreams; Yesterday - The Beatles; Nightmares - A Flock Of Seagulls; Words - F.R. David; Let's Dance - David Bowie; Temptation - Heaven 17; We Are Detective - Thompson Twins; True Love Ways - Cliff Richard; I'm In Parties [sic] - Bauhaus
Start: personal file - Limahl; The Questions; Chubby Checker, Chill Fac-Torr, "The Twist"; Grace Jones, Dig Wayne, Simon Le Bon, Nash The Slash; Kevin Rowland shops at Harrods; Nick Heyward, Glen Tilbrook 
Bitz: David Van Day, "Young Americans Talking"; Duran Duran, Princess Diana; The Maisonettes: Carla Mendonca and Elisa Richards replace Elaine Williams and Denise Ward quit; Cherry Red Records, "Pillows & Prayers"; Statik Records, "The Best Of Your Secret's Safe With Us"; Kajagoogoo, "White Feathers", Colin Thurston, Nick Rhodes; Paul Weller, Riot Stories; The System, Mic Murphy, David Frank, "S.W.E.A.T."; all time top ten - Stuart Adamson; Sweet Dreams, Bobby McVey; Phil Collins produces Adam Ant, Verdine White and Larry Dunn produce Level 42; Roxy Music, "The High Road", "Like A Hurricane"; Ian Lindsey quits Southern Death Cult, forms The Death Cult with Billy Duffy; Psychic TV, "homophonic recording"; David Bellamy, "Brontosaurus Will You Wait For Me"
Single reviews (Dave Rimmer): Money's Too Tight - Valentine Brothers; Beat It - Michael Jackson; Overkill - Men At Work; She's In Parties - Bauhaus; Temptation - Heaven 17; The Land Of The Good Groove - Nile Rodgers; I'll Slap Your Face - Jonathan King; That'll Do Nicely - Bad Manners; Miss The Girl - Creatures; Candy Girl - New Edition / Space Cowboy - Jonzun Crew; There Ain't No Age For Rock 'N' Roll - Veterans; Out Of Sight Out Of Mind - Level 42; Cash (Cash Money) - Prince Charles and the City Beat Band; Telegraph - OMD; Sweet Memory - Belle Stars; Price You Pay - The Questions; Another Half Hour Till Sunrise - Tall Boys; Now Martin's Gone - Tom Robinson; I'm Freaky - O'Bryan; Nightmares / Talking - A Flock Of Seagulls; Tubeway Army 1978 - Gary Numan; Little Red Corvette - Prince
Album reviews (Steve Bush / Ian Birch / David Hepworth / Mark Steels / Peter Martin / Deborah Steels / Jo-Anne Smith / Neil Tennant): Let's Dance - David Bowie; Pride - Robert Palmer; The One And Only - Billy Fury; Faster Than The Speed Of Night - Bonnie Tyler; Attitude - Rip Rig & Panic; Rainbow Rhythm - Weapon Of Peace; High Land, Hard Rain - Aztec Camera; Words - F.R. David; Heartbeats - Yarborough & Peoples
Nights Out: Kevin Turvey & The Young Ones; Culture Club; Orange Juice, Marine Girls
Other: The Music Centre - the Bronx

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