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October 18 - 31, 1979

Smash Hits, October 18 - 31, 1979

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Cover: Bob Geldof
Centrespread: Debbie Harry
Back cover: Nick Lowe
Interviews: Boomtown Rats; The Damned; Boney M; Kate Bush
Lyrics: Every Day Hurts - Sad Cafe; Goodbye Stranger - Supertramp; Birdsong - Lene Lovich; You Say You Don't Love Me - Buzzcocks; You've Got My Number - Undertones; Smash It Up - Damned; Charade - Skids; Anarchy In The U.K. - Sex Pistols; Star - Earth Wind & Fire; Sing A Happy Song - O'Jays; El Lute - Boney M; OK Fred - Errol Dunkley; Point Of View - Matumbi; Now It's Gone - Chords; You're A Better Man Than I - Sham 69
Bitz: Public Image, Richard Dudanski, Karl Burns; Hugh Cornwell, Nosferatu; Four Be Two, Jimmy Lydon, Youth, Jock McDonald, Paul Young; Gary Numan; Souxsie and the Banshees; Skids; Andy Summers, Luke Skywalker; Joe Jackson, Boris Wellduff; Boomtown Rats; The Damned; Cliff Richard; The Flirts, Betty Burns, Jackie Burns, Natasha England; The Clash; Don Arden sues the BBC, Marvin Michaelson; Adverts, Paul Martinez; Cliff Richard, Kate Bush; all time top twelve: Ian Dury; Sting; Revillos, The Beat Goes On; Jimmy McCulloch dies
Single reviews (David Hepworth): No Mercy - Nils Lofgren; A Message To You Rudi / Nite Klub - Specials; Music 4 - Vice Versa; Work All Week - Mekons; Plastic Smile - Merton Parkas; You Say You Don't Love Me - Buzzcocks; Language School - Tours; Memories - Public Image Ltd.; You've Got My Number - Undertones; I'm The Man - Joe Jackson; You Don't Own Me - Joan Jett; Goodbye Stranger - Supertramp; It's Only Love - Little Bo Bitch; Nuclear Device (The Wizard Of Aus) - Stranglers; Empire State Human - Human League; 5:15 - The Who; Victim Of Love - Elton John; Electricity - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark; The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Swindle - Sex Pistols
Album reviews (Red Starr): It's A Bitch - Olympic Runners; Identify Yourself - O'Jays; I'm The Man - Joe Jackson; 154 - Wire; Entertainment - Gang Of Four; The Raven - Stranglers; A Different Kind Of Tension - Buzzcocks; Reproduction - Human League; Days In Europe - Skids

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