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July 21 - August 3, 1983

Smash Hits, July 21, 1983

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Cover: Tracie
Centrespread: Depeche Mode
Back cover: Eurythmics
Interviews: Tracie; Shakin' Stevens; The Bloomsbury Set; The Cure; The Lotus Eaters
Lyrics: Don't Try To Stop It - Roman Holliday; It's A Mistake - Men At Work; Ackee 1-2-3 - The Beat; Give It Some Emotion - Tracie; Walking In The Rain - Modern Romance; It's Late - Shakin' Stevens; Tell Me Why - Musical Youth; Heaven - Talking Heads; Everyday I Write The Book - Elvis Costello; The Walk - The Cure; Wrapped Around Your Finger - The Police; Everything Counts - Depeche Mode; The First Picture Of You - The Lotus Eaters; All Night Long - Mary Jane Girls; Feel Like Making Love - George Benson
Start: personal file - Greg Ham; Spandau Ballet, Tears For Fears, Rob JoBoxer; Japan; Marilyn
Bitz: Mary Jane Girls (Jo Jo, Candi, Maxi, Cheri); La Famille, "All Night Long"; Animal Nightlife, "Native Boy", Dee, Karol Kenyon; Culture Club Tour; videosingles - Kajagoogoo, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd; The Truth; Honor Blackman, "Everything I've Got"; Mick Karn opens art gallery; Paul Young's suit, Phil Collins produces Adam Ant single, Glenn Gregory, Andy Taylor opens restaurant, Lotus Eaters, "Never Stop" recorded six times, glasses thrown at Nick Heyward, Kirk Brandon leaves Spear Of Destiny, Alf, Vince Clark, Stewart Copeland, Shalamar to split?, Bauhaus to split?; all time top ten - Steve Lambert; James Brown; George Michael, Clare Grogan, Jon Moss, Steve Strange, Spandau Ballet, Phil Lynott, Bruce Foxton, Cliff Richard, Thompson Twins, Duran Duran, Stuart Adamson, Sarah and Keren, Tears For Fears, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Mike Oldfield, Haysi, Marc Almond, Blancmange, Jim Kerr, Charlie Burchill, David Ball, Ginny Hewes, Andy McClusky, Paul Weller, Mick Talbot; Haircut One Hundred, Mark Fox; Thompson Twins; Wham!
Single reviews (Deborah Steels): Love Blonde - Kim Wilde; Right Now - The Creatures; Big Log - Robert Plant; Freak - Bruce Foxton; It's Late - Shakin' Stevens; Smiley Stylee - Amazulu; Nightmare - Saxon; Radio (Turns Her On) - Tokyo Olympics; Everything Counts - Depeche Mode; The Star Sisters - Stars On 45; Stop The World - Captain Sensible; Watching Me Watching You - David Grant; Beer Barrel Banjos - Chas & Dave; AEIOU Sometimes Y - Ebn-Ozn; Love To Say - Altered Images; The Woman In You - Bee Gees; Money Lover (Bite The Dust) - Dolly Dots; Walking In The Rain - Modern Romance; Dressed To Kill - The Nolans; Prime Time - Haircut One Hundred; Wonderland - XTC; Give It Some Emotion - Tracie; Wrapped Around Your Finger - The Police; My Boyish Days - Care
Album reviews (Dave Rimmer / Fred Dellar / Peter Stockton / Tim De Lisle / Deborah Steels / Claire Sheaff / Jo-Anne Smith / Neil Tennant / Karen Mundell / Peter Martin / Josephine Hocking): The Look - Shalamar; Saturday Night - Oliver Cheatham; Fire Dances - Killing Joke; Get It Right - Aretha Franklin; The Crossing - Big Country; Rebel Songs - The Decorators; Private Collection - Jon And Vangelis; Ross - Diana Ross; You And Me Both - Yazoo; Bruiseology - The Waitresses; Secret Messages - Electric Light Orchestra; Pigbag - Pigbag; XL 1 - Pete Shelley; Rust Red September - Eyeless In Gaza; Chimera - Bill Nelson
Nights Out: Peter Gabriel / Thompson Twins / Undertones; Nick Heyward
Other: Gimmicks

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