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June 25 - July 8, 1981

Smash Hits, June 25, 1981
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Cover: Kirsty MacColl
Centrespread: Shakin' Stevens
Back cover: Siouxsie
Interviews: Kirsty MacColl; Crass; Adam & Marco & The Ants
Lyrics: Me No Pop I - Kid Creole & The Coconuts; There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop, etc. - Kirsty MacColl; Wikka Wrap - The Evasions; No Laughing In Heaven - Gillan; The Race Is On - Dave Edmunds & The Stray Cats; Going Left Right - Department S; Take It To The Top - Kool & The Gang; Multiplication - Showadyywaddy; Aquarama - The Scars; Piece Of The Action - Bucks Fizz; If Leaving Me Is Easy - Phil Collins; Liar - Graham Bonnet; The River - Bruce Springsteen; Dancing On The Floor - Third World; Doors Of My Heart - The Beat
Bitz: Chris Sievey, "I Can't Get Bouncing Babies By The Teardrop Explodes"; Doctor Feelgood, Johnny Guitar; David Bowie, "Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo"; Kim Carnes; Wah!, John Maher, "Nah Poo - The Art Of Bluff"; Bruce Springsteen, "Nicholas Nickleby", "The Elton Tapes", Andy Peebles; personal file: John Taylor; Iggy Pop; Undertones; Virni Lindt, Thomas Johannson; all time top ten: Johnnie Fingers
Single reviews (Tim De Lisle): Going Left Right - Department S; Wordy Rappinghood - Tom Tom Club; Not A Second Time - Robert Palmer; Hiawatha - Belle Stars; Doors Of Your Heart - The Beat; Martin's Gone - Sector 27; If You Want To Be Happy - Joe Dolce; Gotta Stop Messin' About - Prince; Shadowed - Fingerprintz; The Race Is On - Dave Edmunds with the Stray Cats; Poison Takes A Hold - Play Dead; Dancing The Night Away - Motors; Just For Tonight - Holly And The Italians; Better Things - The Kinks
Album reviews (Fred Dellar / Ian Birch / Beverly Hillier / Geoffrey Deane / Red Starr / Ian Cranna ): What's This For - Killing Joke; Rock The World - Third World; The Last Words Of The Great Explorer - TV Smith's Explorers; Duran Duran - Duran Duran; Magic, Murder And The Weather - Magazine; Juju - Siouxsie & The Banshees; A Product Of... - The Thompson Twins; Wanted Dread & Alive - Peter Tosh; Season Of Glass - Yoko Ono; Fiction Tales - Modern Eon; You Know It's Me - Barbara Dickson
Independent Singles (Red Starr): Forget The Down On Us / Checkmate Syndrome - Wah! (Eternal); Number Eleven / Namegame - Dead Or Alive (Inevitable); Giant Raft In The Philippines / No Place For A Prompter - It's Immaterial (Inevitable); You / Domestic Departure / Kerb Crawler - Au Pairs (021); Political / General - Musical Youth (021); Boys Game / Different Story - Tarzan 5 (021)
Independent Albums (Red Starr): Live At The Lyceum - Cabaret Voltaire (Rough Tapes); Whatever Happens Next - Swell Maps(Rough Trade); Penis Envy - Crass (Crass Records)
Other: Crystal Palace Garden Party: Madness, Tenpole Tudor, Ultravox; Smash Hits Book Of Pop Lists, Part 1

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