Friday, October 22, 2010

New additions to the archive!

Smash Hits, November 15 - 28, 1979 - p.20-21

Three more issues from 1979 have been added to the archive. I haven’t had a chance to list all the contents in detail or tag the photos on Flickr yet, but you can see them now:

February 8 - 21, 1979

August 23 - September 5, 1979

November 15 - 28, 1979

Those amongst you with Flickr accounts are welcome to add tags to help people find the photos.


  1. The Feb 8th Rod one was the first I ever bought, I remember it like it was yesterday, so am officially ancient I suppose. 25p! Outrageous.

  2. Issue 2 December 78 was my first one, I may have to borrow from your November 79 post for next month's Dear Diary post if ok with you?

  3. We're all ancient, officially or otherwise....

    And feel free to borrow; if this blog had anything as noble as a purpose, it would be to share the memories with as many people as possible....

  4. The first issue I bought had Jimmy Pursey (!) on the cover & was purchased solely because it contained the lyrics to "Cool For Cats" - would dearly love to own that particular edition again.

    As I'm sure you've heard numerous times already, I stupidly parted with my SHits collection (1979-83) in the 90s & am really starting to regret it now. I've managed to claw a few copies back c/o eBay & the occasional charity shop purchase, but it's not quite the same is it?

    Massive thanks for your terrific site Brian, it's obviously an enormous labour of love, rest assured I'll be popping back on a regular basis now that I've found it!

  5. Brian, your November 15-28 1979 issue contains a review of The Distractions' "Time Goes By So Slow" by David Hepworth. Superb! It will be on the with full credit soon. Cheers